Showing Mum & Dad around Chicago

27 May 2009

Ma & Pa Walshie in ChicagoWe’ve had a lovely few days showing Ma & Pa Walshie around Chicago. We’ve done a load of touristy stuff and we’ve had really lovely weather.

They brought a load of UK expat rations with them — we now have a dedicated chocolate cupboard — most exciting of which was the Robinsons squash and, of course, the proper chocolate.

And of course they love their new grandcat — Pepper likes to give Gamdad a nice chew now and then!

We went to see the new Star Trek movie at the iMax on it’s last day last Thursday — Nick, we did try and get the sign into mum’s handbag but, despite her carrying ‘the Tardis’ we couldn’t quite fit it in!

Anyway, we have a few more days of fun and hope the weather holds.

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