A balmy day

11 February 2009

DSC08265The weather in Chicago has got decidedly warmer this past week — Tuesday (10th) had highs of 17ºC! Needless to say the snow has all melted which is incredibly strange as we’ve never seen Chicago without snow!

It’s made my walk to work a bit more exciting (!) now that there are parts of roads, pavements etc. not covered by inches of snow and ice. It truly felt like spring yesterday, even the wind was warm! After going home for lunch I took the camera for the walk back and got some nice shots of Chicago in spring-like sunshine.

The weather is going to get colder this week, dropping back down to just above freezing by the end of the week (and -8ºC at night) so I’m sure we’ll see some more snow before too long. Still, it was nice to get a ‘sneak preview’ of Chicago in warmer weather!

See more in the Flickr set.

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