Red Bull launch RB3

26 January 2007

Red Bull launched their 2007 challenger today, and Adrian Newey is hopeful of a good year.

I agree with Adrian — it does most certainly look ‘McLaren-esque’. But whilst I broadly agree that three years of stable regulations are bound to produce similar cars up and down the grid, when he says that this design is ‘evolutionary’ I disagree.

Compare the 2006 RB2 to the new 2007 RB3.

Alright, looks aren’t everything — there’s a hell of a lot of engineering under the skin that we can’t see that may have been carried over. But it’s clear that the aerodynamics are radically different, the sculpting around the rear of the car is much tighter, the nose, front wing, rear wing, engine cover…

A good test would be to strip the two cars of their livery and sit them side by side. Then we’d see how re/evolutionary the design is.

It’d be also interesting to put an MP4-21 next to it.

Having said that, I think Red Bull are going to go very well this year.

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