FIA releases entry list for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

12 June 2009

There are three new teams in the list:

Surprisingly David ‘Dave’ Richards and his Prodrive/Aston Martin marque didn’t get a look in. I have to admit to being surprised by that omission — last time around the FIA granted Prodrive the last slot on the grid from a long list of entries. Maybe Max & the FIA saw something in the three new teams’ proposals that Prodrive didn’t have in theirs.

Ferrari & the Red Bull teams have been granted entries despite attaching conditions to those entries. This is all due to the fact that those teams supposedly signed an agreement with the FIA some years ago committing them to the F1 Championship for a number of years (one assumes that includes the 2010 season then). Ferrari are saying the FIA have breached those conditions; the FIA are saying Ferrari must race unconditionally or not at all.

The other teams that entered the championship conditionally are being warned that they risk being declined a spot if they don’t lift the conditions on their entry by this time next week (Friday 19th June). Whether Brawn, McLaren, Renault, BMW Sauber and Toyota will do that remains to be seen.

For sure, another interesting week ahead.

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