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23 December 2015

It’s been a bit of an interesting week for football. First, Mourinho was sacked (again) by Chelsea (again). He’s currently waiting to be installed as Louis van Gaal’s replacement at United.

Guardiola has told Bayern he’s leaving but his destination remains unclear. I can’t believe a man of his meticulousness hasn’t already got his next role lined up, possibly at City or United. My guess is those clubs are waiting – City are waiting for Pelligrini to slip up or for the season to end (whichever comes soonest) and United seem to be waiting for van Gaal to lose another match. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up managing the two Manchester clubs – it could be two of the most successful and interesting managers in the sport.

(I don’t think Guardiola would touch the Chelsea job with a bargepole. Their short-termism approach to management doesn’t fit well with his desire to build legacies and empires.)

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