Badoer Blinkered?

6 September 2009

Luca Badoer has come out and said that all the negative press he received for his poor drives in Valencia and Spa contributed to Ferrari replacing him with Giancarlo Fisichella.

“The media played a fundamental role in the decision to replace me.”

By reporting on your woeful performances, yes. F1 has always been a piranha club — if you’re not quick enough, you’re out. The list of drivers who don’t make the cut is huge — this season we’ve had Nelson Piquet and Sebastian Bourdais shown the door for poor performances.

Badoer goes on to say that, had Ferrari given him one more race, he’d have been on the pace.

“Maranello had faith in me. I only have one regret – from the third grand prix I would have done better.”

I remember hearing something similar after Valencia. Maranello obviously lost that faith.

(As an aside, I’m pleased that Fisichella will finally get to drive a Ferrari in F1. It’s long been his dream and the deal he’s got — racing for the final five races, then test & reserve driver next year — sounds great. Seeing him in the Ferrari kit brings back memories of seeing Alesi in the Jordan in 2001. It just felt right, you know? Anyway. Forza Fisi.)

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