iPhone 3GS lust

21 June 2009

iPhone 3GSSo we finally got iPhones last Friday. We pre-ordered them so muggins here only had to trek to the AT&T store on State at 6.45am on Friday to begin the wait. There were only about 7 people in line ahead of me so the wait wasn’t a long one.

Almost at the end of the wait, Chad (I kid you not) got our two iPhones from out back, did the number swap, activated them and we were good to go. Thanks Chad! I was in and out by about 7.20am.

Goodbye Nokia. You were the single most useless, frustrating and un-usable phone I’ve ever owned. If I could I’d close the street below and launch the damned thing off the balcony. Ugh.

But, oh my, iPhone — where have you been all my life?

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