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20 March 2008

So, following ITV’s ‘commercial decision’ to terminate their F1 coverage contract at the end of 2008, the BBC have acquired the rights for the next five years.

So what are the BBC planning?

Well, apparently the ink is still drying on the contract so we don’t yet know the details, but Dominic Coles, BBC Sport Director of Sports Rights told Autosport:

“Fans will be able to enjoy uninterrupted, state of the art and innovative coverage from BBC Sport, across all of our TV, radio and new media platforms…”

Hopefully some of their plans include the following.

  1. Martin Brundle is an exceptional commentator. Do whatever it takes to hire him.
  2. James Allen is the single most annoying person on television today. Please do not — under any circumstances — hire him. If you do, people will tune into Radio 5 instead and just watch the pictures.
  3. Please show the races and qualifying live. If qualifying for the Canadian GP clashes with “Dancing on Celebrities” on a Saturday night, please show the qualifying live. It’s only one weekend out of 52. And I pay for my TV licence.
  4. Hire a decent commentator to work with Mr Brundle. Note that Conor McNamara, Guy Mowbray, Johnathan Pearce (please, God no) or Alan Green do not fall into this category.
  5. Suzie Perry doesn’t look that busy nowadays. Do you still have her number from the Moto GP days?
  6. Ditto Ben Edwards.

Just my little wishlist, you understand.

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