iPhone released in the UK

19 September 2007

So it’s here (well, it will be in November).

And it’s on 02. Exclusively.

Three tariffs are available: £35 gets you 200 minutes and 200 texts; £45 gets you 600 minutes and 500 texts and £55 gets you 1200 minutes and 500 texts. All plans come with ‘unlimited’ data (subject to a ‘fair usage policy’ — find that policy on the 02 site if you can) and free voicemail. The handset will set you back £269.

Also included as part of the iPhone ‘package’ is free access to 7,500 WiFi spots in the UK — no specifics on where these are though.

And no deal with Starbucks — interestingly, when asked why the Apple/Starbucks deal didn’t make it to the UK, Steve Jobs replied “You’ll have to ask Starbucks about that. They love the UK.”

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