12 March 2021

It’s been a while. Over five years in fact.

What with swapping hosting providers, losing databases/login details, and life in general, this site has been offline for a while. Far too long.

I now have somewhere to write, when I want to. Which isn’t often. And it’s rarely good. But hey. I’ve been meaning to get it back up and running for ages, but again, life…and not wanting to dig into PHP and server admin and SQL and all that stuff that comes with self-hosting a WordPress blog. I liked it at one stage, maybe I will again.

Things have changed a lot since my last post. I hope my writing and dedication is one of them!

Lots of things are broken. There are no images, those have been lost in the various transitions. Some older posts link to services that are no longer online. But most of all, older posts contain atrocious writing – where I tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about!

I’m still into the same things, so the subject matter won’t change. I just hope the writing has improved.

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