Form A Cartel

21 March 2015

Gary Hartstein:

I’ve just built a bottling factory. Modern, efficient, state-of-the-art. And you, well you have a soft drink you need bottled. A very popular soft drink indeed. People all over the world want to drink it. And you want to use MY factory to bottle it!

When the time comes to do the deal, you tell me “there’s just one thing Gary. Our business model is a bit . . . unconventional. You see, normally I’d pay to use your factory. But since my beverage is SO popular, YOU’RE gonna have to pay ME for the privilege of hosting my drink”.

Totally agree. F1 is about Eau Rouge, 180R and Copse as much as it is about Ferrari, Williams & McLaren. I can’t think of a Tilke track that has a corner in the same bracket as the classics.

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