The New Yahoo! Logo

6 September 2013

There’s so much greatness in this post by Oliver Reichenstein on Yahoo!’s new logo:

Redesigning a logo for a $10 Billion Dollar company that is in deep trouble is not a matter of talented designers and personal preferences for design. It is not about fiddling. Doing it in a weekend is simply unprofessional.

My favourite bit by far is this gem, relating to the ‘mathematical consistency’ piece of Marissa Mayer’s blog post announcing the new logo:

Perfect geometry does not result in perfect design. On the contrary, “real visual rhythm is hurt by precision. This fact is where we get the saying in design: if it looks right, it is right.”

Personally speaking, I mourn the loss of the old Yahoo! logo. The new one is devoid of any character and, having seen the efforts put out during Yahoo’s 30 days of change, feels like it boiled down to a choice of typeface.

All Mayer’s bullshit does is sprinkle glitter on a turd. Terrible, transparent, waffly, tack-it-on-once-we’ve-artworked-it-up glitter.

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