Making ATMs more fun to use

3 May 2012

This is great –there are ATMs in London that offer cockney rhyming slang as a language option.

[Ron Delnevo] maintains that it makes it more fun for people to use cash machines and that it also creates a conversation piece. So a speckled hen becomes £10, a cab rank is a bank, and sausage and mash is cash.

Ismat Ullah never understood why people laughed as they walked away from the cash machine situated in front on his convenience store in East London’s Commercial Road, until somebody explained to him the intricacies of cockney rhyming slang.

“I am glad to hear about people walking away from the machine laughing because that is how we want people to react to it,” Mr Delnevo says.

“At the same time it helps foster a bit of British culture.”

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