Sky Confirm Their F1 Commentary Team

7 December 2011

It’s looking good. David Croft commentates with a very natural rhythm and his rapport with Anthony Davidson made the coverage of the practice sessions this year. Ted Kravitz is a knowledgable guy who also has a very natural and calm way of adding to the commentary. Of course, Mr Brundle needs no introduction.

The only two I’m not sure about are Natalie Pinkham and Steve Rider. I don’t feel that Pinkham adds anything and mostly just annoys me with her ‘one of the gang but I’m a girl’ thing. And Steve Rider is about as wooden as they come.

But overall, a great line-up. Quite how it’ll fair with the BBC team is yet to be seen but, as Martin Brundle has said, the fact that there are now two broadcasters who’ll be screening the 2012 F1 season can only be good for fans.

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