It ain’t about math, Microsoft

5 May 2011

Note to Microsoft: people don’t buy Macs because they’re more expensive. You’re missing the point.

Whilst I applaud Microsoft for getting most of the comparisons there or thereabouts — let’s not talk about comparing the 11″ MacBook Air to a Toshiba netbook though — I can’t help feeling that the only drum Microsoft has to beat is ‘PCs are cheaper than Macs’. Whilst this site proves that notion is factually correct, for me it misses the point of why people choose PCs or Macs.

People don’t buy Macs because they’re more expensive. Microsoft should focus more on why people buy Macs over PCs other than cost.

When you start to think of all the ways computers & software can be compared, it’s rather depressing if all you have to beat is the cost drum.

If we’re talking about cost…

As an aside, all of this is ironic if you think about it. Microsoft don’t make PCs. They make software. So if we’re going to boil it down to cost:

Even if you add in the cost of a Snow Leopard upgrade ($29), OS X is still around $41 cheaper. And, don’t forget, we’re comparing the most basic version of Windows 7 here, so it’s unlikely to be apples for apples (if you’ll pardon the pun). Apple’s productivity suite is less than half the price of Microsoft’s.

PCs might be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they’re better. Microsoft should be focussing on features, benefits, speed, security, technological advances — in addition to cost — if they’re to make a compelling argument.

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