Pepper’s adventures

19 May 2009

Pepper playing with her toysWhen we got Pepper she had a bad cold — something that happens quite regularly with cats in a shelter, apparently. So for the first week she was all sneezes and sniffs and didn’t feel like exploring much. She sat on our laps and slept on our bed and was generally very quiet and cute.

Happy to say she’s feeling much better now and she’s taken to running around like a mad loon at 4am each morning! She must have a dog gene or two as she loves to chase after her squeaky mouse and rattley ball — but once she catches up to it she looks at you as if to say “well, go on — throw it again!”

We bought her a lot of toys too but, as cats do, she’s much happier making her own entertainment particularly with dangley bits of our clothing. Opposite you can see her playing with a cord from one of Sap’s hooded tops!

She also likes going absolutely mad on her scratching post — it is covered in catnip though! She loves to give it a chew and generally go a bit mental.

DSC08979She definitely doesn’t like the hoover though — she hides under the bed for hours if we vacuum. She also had her first vet’s checkup last week — all is well — and we were fully expecting to be ignored for the rest of the night once we got back. She usually heads under the bed to sulk. But she was there for about 10 minutes and must have got bored because she came out!

She does look cute under there though…

She was very good at the vet’s (the very excellent Cat Doctor in Chicago) and only howled a bit when she had her distemper booster (is that ironic?!?). She didn’t even flinch when the vet put a thermometer up her bottom!

All in all we’re loving having a new furry member of our household, even if she does wake us up in the wee hours by attacking our bedsheets, licking our faces or walking across our necks!

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