Five weeks in Chicago

21 December 2008

Another week has flown by and it’s now five weeks since we landed on these shores. Not much has happened in the week just past — it was my last week at work so now I’m off until the 5th January. It’s nice because not only do we have Christmas and New Year to look forward to, it’s our one year anniversary tomorrow…

We had the traditional company Christmas outing on Thursday. We went to an Italian tapas restaurant which was amazing and then onto a bar (called, if I remember rightly, Mother Hubbards!) That’s where it all got a bit messy really. Shots were ordered, cocktails were downed — photos were taken which I will upload soon (honest Ben!). It was a great night though and we all enjoyed sharing the pain of the HW hangover the following day.

Sap and I went out for pretty much the whole day yesterday — we had a lot of errands to run! Sap finally managed to find some waterproof shoes that she likes (this is good) but we did end up going to pretty much every shoe shop in Chicago!

We also bought our Christmas dinner yesterday — we’re going to attempt a traditional dinner in our oven. We do have a backup though — lots of little snacks which we can graze on if it doesn’t turn out quite right! And our local grocery store sells Bisto gravy — I can’t tell you how excited we were when we found that! No mint sauce though…

So after the excursions of yesterday, today is a ‘doing nothing’ day. Just as well really — we don’t want to go outside!

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