Enjoying Chicago with Nick, Paul & Nige

29 December 2008

Nick, Paul & Nige arrived on Friday afternoon to a nice icy Chicago. We gave a guided tour of the walk back from the CTA station (trying not to slip on the ice whilst wheeling the suitcases) and then the guided tour of the apartment. We then attempted to have a sneaky beer in Monk’s — but horror of horrors, it was closed! (It would prove to be closed for the next two days too. We’ve not tried it today!)

We’ve been to a few bars, taken them to see the Bean & Millennium Park and we’ve had fun on the CTA (we’ve been to Paddy Long’s more often than any other bar! First name terms with the barman helps…) We’ve also been for a beer in the John Hancock tower — a bargain at $65 for five drinks!

Today we’re heading to the Sears Tower as it’s a lovely clear day. Might attempt to see into our apartment from the top of the Skydeck (although that may freak us out!). We may also visit Wrigleyville or Black Rock (the bar we’re going to drink dry on New Year’s Eve). Other options for today include ice skating at the Park.

Photos are being taken, they’ll be uploaded soon.

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