Oh my god…Chicago here we come!

24 September 2008

[EDITOR’S NOTE] This post was written by Sap shortly after we booked our flights to Chicago…

It’s still sinking in…I can’t believe that we are actually moving to Chicago!! After a year of talking about it…it’s actually happening! I have to say I have mahoosive butterflies…because it’s happening on the 15th Nov, which is about 8 weeks away….aarrggghhh!! It feels so surreal, very exciting but a bit scary at the same time. Nick and Paul are coming out on Boxing Day which is very cool…we’ll get to spend new year with them….Yaaaaadaaaaa!!!

Today my goal is to hunt for an apartment. Have to admit, been doing it all morning, and I’m starting to get bored of it…but must carry on. I don’t think I’m being too picky! A luxury penthouse apartment in downtown Chicago is all I want…I wish! 

Must get on…lots to do, and time is a ticking.

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