Deja vu

14 December 2007

So Paul Ince has come out and said he’s sad that Capello is likely to be the next England manager.

Because he’s not English.

And Steve Coppell and Gareth Southgate (the turncoat!) agree.

Look chaps. Yes, it’s sad that the FA are likely to choose another foreign coach rather than an English one. But surely that points to the fact that nobody from these shores is yet good enough. Actually, it’s not that sad — if England lift the Jules Rimet trophy in South Africa in 2010 who on earth is going to care what country the guy who made it happen comes from?

The FA’s remit is simple: appoint the best manager possible. Nationality does not come into it.

Just ask any fan who’d they’d prefer: the best manager available or the best English manager available.

Until those two criteria point to the same man, you’ll have to learn to live with it.

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