Formula One — the Great Design Race @ the Design Museum

10 September 2006

The Design Museum is currently running an F1 exhibition called Formula One — The Great Design Race. I visited it yesterday and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Yes, there are classic and modern F1 cars on show but for me the real gem of the exhibition was the on-board video footage through the ages–they’ve got on-board footage of Fangio, Senna and Stewart at great tracks such as Monaco and the old Nurburgring. What amazed me was the amount of slide Fangio and Stewart had to cope with: compared to modern-day F1, those cars slid around a lot!

The Nurburgring piece is truly amazing: it’s the first footage of the old 14.2 mile circuit I’ve ever seen and it was just amazing: cars skimming past trees and fields at 170 mph plus, the car leaping over crests, sliding all over the place, stark camber changes–it really is a great piece of footage.

If you’re in London and fancy a view, it runs until 29th October and costs only £7.

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