More Camera Toss

3 July 2006

Following on from a previous post (available here) I had a go at tossing my camera in the air with a timed shutter to see what I got. It was a lot harder than expected!

For a start, the camera shut off the first few times. I’m guessing the innards don’t like being hurled around too much! I did eventually manage to time the throw right so that the camera took a shot as it was in the air, but the results were mainly sky.

So I tried a different tack: putting the camera face up on a smooth table and spinning it. That didn’t really work, all I got were slightly blurry pictures of me looking expectantly at the camera! So I’ve discovered my technique needs a lot of refinement, but it was encouraging to get even just one result. Not a decent one by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it wasn’t a total abject failure!

I hope to have another go soon at some more tossing techniques (anyone arriving from Google having just searched for that term, I apologise for the total lack of porn on this post).

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